Greene County Taxation


In 2012, Greene County voters were asked to vote on a wheel tax increase.    Many argued that if a wheel tax increase was voted down, a property tax increase would be put in its place.  Those people voted for a wheel tax increase.  Still a vote on the wheel tax increase lost.

The people did not just vote against a wheel tax increase.  The people voted against any tax increase.  Our leaders do not understand that.

The school system was able to effectively rally some of the teachers when a county commissioner e-mailed teachers to come to the commission meeting, and able to stir up a community by claiming that the commission would be closing a school when the commission does not open nor close schools.

The fake grassroots movement of teachers and fear mongering against the community combined with a lack of leadership throughout our county was able to force an unneeded tax increase onto our already overburdened taxpayers.

We lacked any real leadership on several levels.  We had a mayor who did not take on the fight against the tax increase.  We even had commissioners who had more important things to tend to than protect us against a tax increase.

When you think of our TAX PROBLEM in Greene County, I want you to think of the TRUST that you can place in me to FIGHT AGAINST ALL TAX INCREASES.


I will actively campaign against any commissioners who want to raise YOUR taxes.  I will make sure you know their names.

In order for YOU to get that type of representation, I must have YOUR vote.  Place YOUR confidence in ME.

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