Two Examples of How to Cut Spending

Mayor Burchett of Knoxville and Mayor Terry Frank of Anderson County both put forth budgets that had cuts.  These are examples for other local governments to follow.

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  1. Steve Coburn says:

    There is a common sense solution. You as Tennesseans can go to the voting booth and demand a drastic change; the working, taxpaying, legal residents, of Tennessee can vote for the Governor who ever you choose to withhold 100% of all tax moneys collected from their employers until Obama, Republicans, Democrats and The Supreme Court, overturn the poor legislature that has and is still destroying AMERICA, and once it is done then and only then will the tax dollars needed to run this country be released. This is called check and balance, (we can not afford to reward bad behavior and decisions any longer) ….this should have happened years ago but I don’t feel it is too late. We need a Governor that is a facilitator, that enforces the will of the people of Tennessee, and if President Obama, Supreme Court Judges, even the local Police chief tries to force corruption or poor decision making upon Tennesseans, we should be able to say no and enforce our decision and keep Tennessee pure and corruption free.
    As for voting booth, voters should have an electronic and written ballet and have to show proper identification, the outcome should be the same. The working, taxpaying, legal residents should have the rights to stop corruption and demand that the tax dollars be spending wisely from this day forward. Steve Coburn is running for Governor.
    also running a campaign without donations prove the media is still effective. Thanks Steve

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